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About Rosant
Rosant Industrial Pty Ltd is an importer and  wholesale supplier of a comprehensive line of  industrial supplies. But Rosant is more than just a supplier of goods. We're a trusted partner, committed to providing our customers with the products they need at exceptional value. With an office established in Shanghai China, we perform our jobs with higher efficiency, which makes our prices extremely competitive in the market.

While we maintain an extensive on-site inventory of popular and standard products, we also specialise in hard-to-find "specialty" and customised items. We also offer priority pricing and custom-catalogs for high-volume customers. Further, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with  our service.



  Product Range

   Rosant is an importer and distributor of the following industrial products:

bullet Allthreads
bullet Commercial Rigging Equipment
bullet Chain
bullet Truck Load Winches
bullet Grade 70 Chain & Components
bullet Transport & Drag Chain Kits
bullet Grade 80 Lifting Chain & Components
bullet Lifting Slings
bullet Jockey Wheels & Parts
bullet Material Handling Equipment
bullet Castors
bullet Wheels & Tubes
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